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heart patientsOpen heart surgery recovery can be a slow and arduous process. Although recovery times have a lot to do with age, general health, and a host of other factors, there are things you can do to speed the recovery process.

Staying positive, entertained, and engaged is the most important thing heart patients can do. Although it is hard to quantify happiness and relate that back to recovery times, most doctors will agree that staying happy can dramatically shorten recovery times and decrease the risk of complications. Patients who get more time with their families recover faster. Inversely, patients who suffer from depression may recover only 66% as quickly as their non-depressed peers.

You should also make sure to eat healthy foods while in recovery. Surgery depletes your body. You are not going to get those vital nutrients back if you neglect to eat healthy. Make plans for eating healthy before your surgery. You don’t want to find yourself ordering food while you coalesce because that may tempt you into eating junk foods.

Lastly, don’t rush yourself. Many surgical complications occur when people resume their normal routine before their body is ready. Complications mean more time in bed so take all the time you need and recover fully the first time.

heart patientsHeart patients around the world should look at some encouraging research being published by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Although his research is controversial, many people believe he may hold the secret to reversing heat disease. Although heart disease is very treatable, it is not reversible. Generally, the heart does not do such a great job of repairing itself.

Dr. Fuhrman believes by eating a diet of primarily vegetables, seeds and fruits we can see actual reversals of heart disease. He even has a sort of fruit and vegetable ranking system which orders produce according to how heart healthy they are (dark leafy greens, onions, and mushrooms are at the top). Some high profile heart patients (Bill Clinton) have been championing Dr. Furhman’s methods.

You don’t even need to necessarily agree with Dr. Fuhrman to follow his methodology. Although not every doctor believes you can reverse heart disease, I am fairly certain every doctor would agree a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will make you healthier. Overall, well being and heart health are intertwined, so if you are a heart patient you should consider making some changes to your diet.

You can learn more about Dr.Furhman by visiting his website or buying his book (it was a New York Times bestseller).

open heart surgery recoveryLast year prescription drug overdoses overtook car accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in America. The main culprits are opiate painkillers (Vicodin, OxyContin, morphine) and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan).  The media buzz surrounding America’s drug problem has led many people to be wary of doctors. There are really two sides to this problem, millions of Americans addicted to prescription drugs and millions of patients unable or unwilling to take necessary pain medication.

For those in open heart surgery recovery who worry about the specter of addiction I want to assuage your fears. If used as prescribed by your doctor, there is little to no chance of becoming addicted. Legitimate pain patients without histories of addiction represent a tiny fraction of the prescription drug addicted population.

With that said it is also important the people in open heart surgery recovery dispose of pain medication after use. A lot of the drugs end up on the street because they are pilfered from medicine cabinets. Either lock your prescription pain killers up or take them back to the pharmacy when you are no longer in pain (don’t flush them down the toilet; it is bad for the water supply). Don’t leave them in your medicine cabinet because that is one of the top ways they can fall into the wrong hands. This warning is especially important for people with teens in their home.

open heart surgery recoveryDying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart pairs the process of open heart surgery recovery with the spiritual and emotional recovery experienced by those who have lost a loved one. This makes the indie film relevant to a great many people; those recovering physically and those recovering spiritually and emotionally.

The aspects of the film that deal with open heart surgery recovery are straight forward and honest. Ben Mittleman is not scared to explore his own insecurities regarding his aging body and the fear everyone experiences before any major medical procedure. As we see his body recover physically, however, we begin to see those around him grow ill. This is when the spiritual recovery begins.

We see a physically healthy Ben Mittleman as he sees others undergo intense medical procedures with less than successful outcomes. This is when the film is, arguably, at its most poignant. Physical recovery naturally occurs but to recover from loss it takes a lot of questioning, soul searching, and rumination. Some people say you never truly recover from the loss of a loved one. Although Ben is a changed man by the film’s end he is also healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The independent film is an excellent examination of recovery.

Coping with Loss

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indie filmsLosing a loved one can be a horribly traumatic experience.  The emotional wounds inflicted by this loss never heal completely. All we can do is learn to live with and accept the situation.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is a haunting exploration of loss. The indie film documents the entire process from the decline into sickness from health to the eventual passage into the next life. More importantly, it documents the anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear of the loved ones who are caring for the ill.

The film is at its most triumphant, however, when it documents the strength and hope of overcoming loss. Everyone experiences loss differently but the end point is the same, acceptance. This film shows us one man’s journey to reach this point and the lessons he learned getting there. Few indie films offer such a personal exploration of the grieving process.

One of the most important things to understand about grieving is that you are not alone. People lose loved ones every day. Talking with others and hearing their stories can be very therapeutic. If you know someone dealing with the loss of a loved one suggest Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart. Let them know they are not alone.

indie filmPalliative care has been around for a long time, but in many ways it is only now coming into its own as a medical field. Medical schools around the country are starting programs and residencies to specifically train palliative care physicians. These doctors are trained in all end of life issues from prescribing powerful painkillers, to dealing with the family members and psychological issues surrounding the end of life.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is an independent film that offers first hands account of the palliative care system. It is fascinating in light of palliative care’s taking off as a legitimate medical field. If your loved one may soon need to consider palliative care measures, you should watch Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart just to gain a better understanding of how the system works.

Few indie films offer such a close look at the palliative care system. It touches on the medical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of palliative care and the end of life. It is moving, honest, and informative.

Don’t let your first experience with palliative care be at the clinic. Do your homework: know what questions to ask your doctor and loved one, and watch Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart.

Palliative Care

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indie filmIt may be a morose thought to dwell on, but what would you want the last few weeks of your life to be like, if you knew they were going to be your last. Would you want to see family and friends? Watch your favorite movie? Reread your favorite book? It is not something you have to think about now, but eventually we need to think about what our end of life plans are.

Palliative care is the medical field devoted to end of life care. The field is not often discussed and is only now beginning to take off in the medical world. If you have an older relative, even if they are perfectly healthy, I would suggest talking to them about what their desires are for the end of their life. It is better to discuss these issues in a clear mind and state of health so when the inevitable does occur there are no questions.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is a great indie film and way to get the conversation on palliative care going. It discusses a lot of end of life issues and puts things into a relatable perspective. It is not an easy talk to have, but it is an important one. Use Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart, the independent film, to help.

End of Life Issues

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indie filmEnd of Life issues can be something difficult to discuss, even with our closest loved ones. Issues like being kept on life support, palliative care decisions, wills, and burial/cremation wishes are often not spoken of. Then when a loved one passes or gets terminally ill these issues all come up creating havoc and stress that compounds the sorrow of loss.

That is one of the many things that impressed me about the indie film Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart. It’s a story of open heart surgery recovery but it also is willing to tackle the kind of important end if life issues that all of us will one day go through when we lose a loved one, or come to an end ourselves.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is a great way to stimulate discussion of these issues before it is too late. I would highly suggest watching this movie with your loved ones and using it as a doorway to open the discourse over end of life issues. This subject has been left undiscussed for too long, considering how important it is. So watch Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart it’s a brave tale of loss as well as recovery and hope.

open heart surgery recoveryThere is a lot of buzz in the indie film world about Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart. Until now some people may have had trouble seeing the much talked about medical documentary but it is now available on Netflix (in disc form, not streaming) so anyone with an account or anyone who knows someone with an account get can get a copy of this touching medical documentary for home viewing.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is an excellent account of open heart surgery recovery that is full of hope, faith, and the triumph of the human spirit. I would highly suggest it to fans of medical documentaries or indie films.

I also think that a lot of young people who are a bit more tech and net savvy should do a service to their elderly loved ones and order the film for them off of Netflix. You can bond over viewing the film and they can learn a bit more about cardiovascular diseases.

If you know someone who is about to undergo open heart surgery or is in the process of open heart surgery recovery, I think it would an extremely kind gesture to get this film and view it with them.

Faithful Recovery

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Jewish documentaryWith so much talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, it is refreshing to see a Jewish documentary that deals in more personal matters or faith and recovery. That is why I enjoyed Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart; it is a deeply moving look at Ben Mittlemen as he deals with death, recovery, and faith.

Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart is about one man’s struggle with his own Jewish faith in light of so much tragedy and speaks ultimately to the age old question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Seeing Ben Mittemen’s open heart surgery recovery and watching him get back in touch with his faith are raw and touching. Ben is not afraid to show us the doubt that accompanies the faith, the soul searching, the anger, and the acceptance.

As far as Jewish documentaries go I really like how personal and heartfelt this one is. It is a good examination of how Judaism teaches dealing with loss and recovery. It is a great choice for other Jews dealing with loss and uncertainty. Pick up Dying to Live – The Journey into a Man’s Open Heart and let Ben’s store inspire you.

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